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Top 5 Skiing Jackets

Skiing Jackets

Getting the right boys clothes when going skiing is important for several reasons. First and foremost, proper ski clothing provides insulation and protection against cold temperatures, wind, and moisture, ensuring that your child stays warm and comfortable on the slopes. Additionally, well-fitting and functional ski attire improves mobility and flexibility, allowing your child to move freely and engage in skiing activities with ease.

Good quality clothing can also offer added safety features like reflective elements or built-in insulation. By investing in appropriate ski clothes, you can enhance your child’s overall skiing experience and keep them safe while enjoying the sport.

Snowfall has started to make an appearance in some of the world’s leading resorts and with holidays planned and trips eagerly awaited, those of us that spend our time hurtling down the hills on two long planks are pretty excited as you’d expect. But while most are holding off a trip overseas for a few weeks or months yet, there’s no better time to search for that essential jacket that’s going to keep you warm while you wait, while you’re carving powder and long into the snow season. 

So check out below the exclusive top 5 winter jackets for 2013.


Vans Borgi

Van Borgi Skiing JacketVans has been a big name on the snow scene for some years and has been behind some of the most stylish and sought after slope style clothing around. Their simple designs not only pack a punch in the understated style stakes but technically their features make a big impact on things like warmth, comfort and quality too. The Vans Borgi Men’s Ski Jacket is a down filled waterproof coat with all the essentials including a powder skirt, venting and durable fabrics for a longer lasting fit and function.


Nike Kampai

Nike Campai Skiing JacketWhen Nike branched off into their own Snow division we always knew that they would manufacture some top drawer clothing. The Nike Kampai Print Men’s Ski Jacket takes cold weather protection to new levels with its long coverage and adjustable features for added comfort. Adjustable zip vents and hood, cuffs and rib hem keep the warmth in where it’s needed and allow your jacket to fit better, and Storm-fit fabric keeps the wind, rain and snow outside, right where it belongs.


Volcom Forest

Volcom forest skiing jacketVolcom is a brand that’s always been recognised for doing things a bit differently. If they want to bring out a jacket with a print that’s nothing like what anyone else is doing then they will, and with the awesome Volcom Forest Men’s Ski Jacket that’s what you get, coupled with superb features for the slopes. Critically taped seams, zip to the chin and excellent insulated fabrics put this at the top of many ski and snowboarders must-have lists.


Oakley Westend

Oakley Westend skiing jacketOakley is world renowned for their sunglasses and the technology that goes into each pair, but when it comes to ski jackets they certainly don’t hold back with the features and brilliant benefits. Inspired by professionals and designed for serious snow fans the Oakley Westend Men’s Ski Jacket ticks all the right boxes – durable and waterproof fabric, breathable and comfortable and designed with a comfortable and stylish fit in mind, this is one jacket every skier needs to own.


686 Mannual Varsity Insulated

686 mannual varsity insulated skiing jacketYou can have all the features in the world but, if it doesn’t look good then you’re probably not going to want to wear it. The 686 Mannual Varsity Insulated Men’s Ski Jacket is the happy medium with its fantastic host of features that make it perfectly equipped for the slopes; insulated, critically taped seams and adjustable powder skirt. But in the looks department this one’s a real winner. Its sporty, old-school look gives it the edge over many others and makes it ideal for wearing on and off the slopes this winter.

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