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Skis – how to chose the right one

There is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to skis. Therefore, the first thing a person should know is that each brand has particular models and ski sizes. For beginners who do not yet have specific brand, style and favorites; it is advisable not to buy immediately, but to rent first from ski hire shops and experience the adventure with the aid of an instructor. Experienced and professional skiers have their particular ski that exactly suits their skiing styles. For the less experienced skiers, here are some helpful instructions for buying skis.


The Different Categories

1. Category According to Gender

Skis can be categorized according into those intended for men, women, and children. Womens skis are softer and lighter to compensate for their lesser muscle mass. The tips are usually shorter than men’s to keep the boots closer to the front for better turn commencement.

2. Category According to Purpose

Purpose will include allround, allmountain, junior, freeride, park, cross, and race varieties. Another is the Alpine skis that consist of ski boots, bindings, and the skis themselves. Nordic skis are divided into cross-country, telemark, and ski jumps.

The Different Types of Skis

The All-Round skis

All round skis

Of all the categories, the all-round is the most common type, which can offer users a little of everything. Those with thicker waist and larger surface take bends with difficulty, whereas those with small radius have thin waist, which make them sink more easily in deep snow. Hard and heavy ones are better for ice and hard slopes.

The All-Mountain

All mountain skis

This type can also be considered a universal model, but they are designed for soft snow skiing. The surface area and radius are larger than the all-round models.

The Junior Types

Skis for juniors

These are designed for younger skiers. Mostly are racing models that are adapted to younger skiers to enable them to take very small loads. The more aggressive skiers are not suited for race models.

The Freeride skis

Skis for freeride

Freeride models are particularly intended for those who like the mountainside and unregulated slopes. These skis have a low stiffness and suited for pleasure of weaving through deep snow.

The Park

Skis for freestyle

Recently, this type has been popular among the younger generation of skiers who love skiing in freestyle parks. Snowboarders have switched to these types.

The Cross

Cross skis

Another universal ski intended for seasoned and advanced skiers. This type offers a combination of competition-oriented skis and all-mountain features. Cross models are tougher and mostly more demanding than all-round and all-mountain models.

The Race

Skis for race

Race models are designed for steep and hard slopes that have been prepared for competitions. Slalom skis are those with a small radius and lengths of about 170 centimeters, while the Giant slaloms are longer with a larger sidecut radius and the best for stability.

The Cross Country Skiing

Skis for cross country

Cross country skiing is best if you like to capture the excitement without exposing yourself to imminent risk. It is also the best for losing weight similar to brisk walking. If you are interested in trying this, you can contact a cross-country club or any ski hire shop located near the cross-country slope.

How to Choose the Right Skis?

The three main features that you need to look for when choosing your skis are the width of the waist, the stiffness of the skis, and the shape.

These are just some tips, which you need to consider when purchasing your new and expensive skis. It is not easy to choose proper one, especially if you are buying skis for the first time. There is also difference between man’s and woman’s gear. It is not easy to put all important advices in only one post, but if you are serious about buying new equipment, you should spend some hours exploring and find the best one for you! In our skiing system we have much more important guideline for beginner and experts, and you should consider about purchase your system, it can save you lots of time and money!

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