The Truth About Skiing
For every skier, snowboarder, parent, instructor, beginner or expert...

You'd need to be crazy to go skiing before uncovering the real truth behind this sport

If you’re a skier or snowboarder, and you satisfy the four conditions listed below, you’ll be guaranteed access to the tips and secrets that are closely guarded by only the most experienced ski instructors and professionals. These people tend to keep their expertise to themselves, and they aren’t known to share it with others.

Dear Fellow Lover of Winter,

For every ten thousand typical skiers, and the equivalent amount of snowboarders (each of whom will spend an average of 20 days on the slopes each year) as many as 348 skiers and 710 boarders will sustain serious injuries to the extent that they’ll require medical attention. That’s more than a thousand people!

In the case of skiers, most injuries are sustained to the head, shoulders, thumbs, knees, lower legs and ankles – whereas boarders tend to injure their heads, shoulders, backs, wrists and knees. Such injuries are often painful and depressing, with long-term effects.

Did you know that last season alone, more than 500,000 people were injured skiing and snowboarding in USA and Canada?

According to the same study, approximately 80 people will die skiing and snowboarding this year in USA and Canada.

If you’d prefer not to become a part of those grim statistics, stick with me! That’s the most important message I can give you, and certainly the most important thing you should be aware of right now for your skiing career.

Skier crash

I say this, because those unfortunate individuals making up the grim statistics I mentioned are mostly the less experienced skiers and boarders who were unaware of how to prepare properly for the slopes. They were naïve to the warning signs – leaving them powerless to take protective measures.

I say MOSTLY, because you’ll also find many experienced skiers who have been killed or injured, including ski instructors.

I can’t tell you how shocked I was while giving a lecture for 200 ski instructors only a few years ago, when it became obvious that the majority of them had never even heard of some of the more basic safety equipment – without which skiing would be unthinkable these days. These are the kinds of people who are teaching our children to ski!

However, the real shock was yet to come…

I chose to put my own knowledge to the test – wondering whether or not I knew enough myself.

Danko Puskaric Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Danko Puskaric, and I’m from Croatia, which has produced two of the best skiers in the world – Ivica and Janica Kostelic. I’m a snowboard demonstrator, a Member of the State Examination Commission for Snowboard Instructors, and a Professor of Physics. Because of this, I know a bit more about skiing and boarding than most, because it is I who decides who will qualify as an instructor. This is one of the biggest responsibilities imaginable.

I decided to go and put my knowledge to the test. I believe that to progress in something, you must continually surround yourself with people who know more than you do. I did just that - and surrounded myself with the top skiers, boarders, professional athletes and their top coaches.

I saw that they were able to do things that I could scarcely believe were possible. At this stage, I was already an experienced instructor (I still wasn’t a demonstrator), but I soon realised that I didn’t have a clue by comparison. I came to realise that my knowledge wasn’t much deeper than that of the ski instructors attending my lecture.

These professionals could ski all day with no fatigue in their legs. After keeping pace with them for only half a day, I was completely exhausted. In the evening, they would still be brimming with energy, having fun, learning – whereas I was more concerned with catching up on some much-needed sleep while nursing a headache.

The next morning they would leap out of bed, full of strength and vitality, whereas I could only pray for bad weather so that I had an excuse not to get up – I was really that tired.

You’ve guessed it; I was wastefully throwing away loads of money, because I couldn’t keep up the pace. After only a few days of skiing I’d be so exhausted that I was completely unable to enjoy even the finest days on the slopes – those rare days where you have fresh snowfall (powder snow).

But that’s just the beginning of the story.

Their diet was different to mine (although I admit their food was very tasty), while I remained faithful to the foods I’d grown up with. These professionals (maybe not all of them were professional, but they sure knew what they were doing) appeared toned with finely honed bodies, while my waistline was steadily expanding. Yet strangely, they ate more than I did.


Skier thumb - common ski injury
Skier thumb - common ski injury

Because I was spending so much time on the slopes, I started to encounter some serious problems from which you always hope there will be someone on hand to rescue you – injuries, dangerous crashes, threats from snow and mountains.

Surprisingly, these professionals knew what to do and how to react in every situation. Only 0.5% of skiers know what to expect and how to react in any conceivable situation, because skiing is their life and they know in any given moment what they’re doing.

By contrast, through my teaching career I regularly get to meet and work with various other levels of skiers and boarders – in other words, the remaining 99.5%. These are beginners, holidaymakers, advanced and experienced skiers, and ski instructors. True, they’re all keen skiers, and they might even know a thing or two about skiing – especially the instructors. However, they’re also aware that there’s so much that they don’t understand (especially beyond the narrow limits of their previous training) and they regularly come face-to-face with those life-threatening situations when they’re on the slopes.

This leads me to think of the remaining 99.5% of skiers who don’t ski like Bode Miller (or who don’t board like Shaun White) who could possibly learn from such important skills and priceless tips. They would therefore be able to ski better, stronger, more safely, more intelligently and for longer.

But this is where the real problems begin...

What problems?

Well, finding the answers to numerous questions that have baffled not only me, but also my students and friends – was a far more demanding and intensive undertaking than I anticipated. Getting straight answers out of professional coaches is not easy. True, they know a great deal, but they have worked hard to accumulate their wisdom – so if you want them to teach you something, you’ll need to pay for it.

Even then, they’ll deliberately withhold certain things from you for one very good reason – they need you to keep coming back for more, paying handsomely for the privilege each time.

The alternative is to trawl through a tonne of literature, and sit through hours of seminars, which in turn will take their respective toll in years and effort, ultimately costing you even more than the first option.

Most ski books will tell you the theory of skiing - how to do a carve turn, and how to drive pizza. THE THING IS, WHO EVER LEARNT HOW TO SKI OR BOARD BY READING A BOOK? To master those techniques, you’ll need a good instructor and plenty of practice. That’s the only real way to learn how to ski or board proficiently and perfect your technique.

But skiing and snowboarding is about much more than just sliding down a slope.

To enjoy your skiing, you’ll first need to be fit and have strong legs. Otherwise, on your next long trip to a beautiful ski resort, with its expensive ski passes and perfect weather, you’ll be exhausted by lunchtime with your legs burning on each slope, barely able to catch your breath. Sound familiar?

Aside from hindering your enjoyment, a lack of fitness can also contribute to more injuries.

If you or your children sustain an injury, you need to know what to do and how to go about getting help. Do you think every ski instructor knows what to do? Yes, they do (or atleast they should). However, you are ultimately responsible for limiting the impact of injuries wherever possible. You may not be aware of how to go about this, and I am convinced that even some ski instructors would struggle in such a situation.


Ski girl
Main parent's responsibility is to protect their children.

Those kind of details are an inherent part of learning how to ski and snowboard, but where can you go to for this information? The average skier simply doesn’t have the time to undertake a systematic programme of research and studying. In any case, it’s difficult to know which information is relevant until you find yourself in that particular tough situation, and you don’t know what to do. By that time, it’s too late.

I’ve decided to end the confusion.

I set to work, spending countless hours doing research, and reading hundreds of books. I spent over 100 days per year on the snow for the past few years, and began to participate in some of the most dangerous freeride competitions – hanging out with some of the greatest professionals. I learned from them. I compiled all of their ideas, tips, knowledge and experience – and bundled it all together into one resource that could be made available to all. I did all of this so that you don’t have to.

What any skier or snowboarder needs is to get all of the secrets of skiing up to professional standard in one handy place. With that in mind, allow me to present my book “The Truth About Skiing and Snowboarding”, which will allow you to progress efficiently on a step-by-step basis.

Here’s the plan of what you’ll achieve:

... plus many other vitally important methods that every skier and snowboarder should know.

After I perfected these techniques for myself, I decided to write about them in a way that everyone could easily understand.

The results were even better than I’d hoped. You won’t be able to make a mistake, because I’ll be guiding you through every technique, every step of the way. To convince myself, I tested a variety of people who tried my techniques (which really aren’t that difficult) and every last one of them succeeded!

Wow, the amount of stupidity I’ve encountered on my journey.

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how much wrong and incorrect information I’ve encountered on this gruelling journey, unless you saw for yourself the difficulty with which I honed these skills.

The number of people I’ve met who gave the impression that they were true professionals in their business, and professional instructors - but I soon realised that they didn’t have a clue when it comes to giving you accurate advice.

There was so much incorrect information that I took in myself, thinking it was the real deal - so many poor training methods I’ve gone through that actually hampered my progress, despite closely following the instructions of various fitness trainers. I’ve made so many mistakes - until I was finally convinced of which techniques work in practice, and which don’t.

Freerider Stefan HäuslAfter a considerable amount of research, effort, and failed attempts – I’ve finally discovered a formula that allows me to ski all day with boundless energy and enjoyment like never before.

I’m happy to reveal this formula to you too, and it will take only a few weeks of preparation for you to master it. I’ll also reveal how I lost so much weight, while eating more. How I became so much more confident at the ski resort, fully reassured that I can anticipate dangers and protect myself.

I’ve learned what to do in the event of accidents, and what to do to prevent them in the first place.

I’ve learnt some very important things about ski equipment that I didn’t have a clue about previously, and to this day I can’t believe that I did so much skiing before without knowing what I know now.

I believe that you, like any intelligent person, will be fed up with all the fake commercials promising overnight miracles. “Loose weight by drinking teas… loose weight by this or that diet… build up your abdominal muscles without any effort at all using only vibration…” and other such hard-sell ads promising techniques that don’t get you any results, but only play on people’s naivety.

A well-toned body is only possible through sport. Sport doesn’t have to mean torturing yourself and sweating every last drop. It doesn’t mean starving yourself over various diets. On the contrary – if you’re involved in sports, you need to eat more to compensate for the energy you need, and the extra muscles that require that energy. The catch is – you need to eat smart, and exercise smart! Those are the secrets from which nutritionists and instructors will rip you off, to the tune of thousands. Even then, they’ll not tell you everything you need to know.

Even worse, if you begin exercising and eating in the wrong way, not only will you fail to get fit and build up your body – you’ll achieve the direct opposite, and do yourself more harm than good.

That’s what happens in most cases. People get bad advice, or teach themselves how to exercise, and soon discover that nothing is improving – so they give up and go back to their old routines.

If you read various self-help books, and the advice of self-declared skiing “experts”, many will recommend exercise regimes that will hinder rather than help you. This is because the specific positions they recommend while exercising are completely different to those that you’ll adopt while skiing. So you won’t progress at all, and the only thing these exercises will give you is a whole lot of pain. On page 53 I’ll reveal an item of modern research that will reveal the mistake that most athletes make while warming-up, and in so doing, reduce their skiing performance by as much as 30%.

What if you simply don’t have the time or the will power?

Not only will I be helping you every step of the way, making it easy for you to understand what it’s all about and succeed – I’ll also unveil a ground-breaking secret that will ultimately motivate you to live a healthy and sport-oriented lifestyle.

The revolutionary trick really does work, and I’ll reveal it to you on page 80.

Can painful injuries be controlled in any way?

Ski crash
Over 90% of fatalities on the ski slopes occur as a result of various forms of collisions

What skiers need in order to get fit, and how quickly they can achieve total fitness, is just a small part of what you’ll learn.

Skiers often find themselves in situations where they need to help someone. Ski instructors find themselves in such a situation every few days. Do you think you’d know how to help yourself, or rescue a friend or perhaps even your own child if you’re the first on the scene? Maybe you would if you have a medical background, but I’ll show you many tips on how to prevent such injuries from occurring in the first place.

An injury to the knee is the most regular form of injury in skiers, and it’s the cause of over 33% of injuries. If you want to know how painful it is, just ask any friend who’s experienced it for themselves. Studies have proved that the frequency of these injuries can decrease by as much as 62% simply by watching a documentary on prevention, or by reading the relevant instructions.

I won’t just reveal these instructions on how to prevent this and all other serious forms of injury; I’ll also explain them in detail. I’ll explain which safety equipment works, and which doesn’t – and what exactly you should do if an injury is sustained. You can find out for yourself on page 115.

You may remember from the introduction that from ten thousand skiers, and as many snowboarders, each spending 20 days skiing each year, more than a thousand will sustain injuries. Many of these will get injured in seemingly innocuous circumstances that could easily be anticipated.

Tragedy. For any true skier or snowboarder, to be deprived of the enjoyment of skiing until they recover would be the worst tragedy imaginable.

Is it possible to mitigate against this while selecting your equipment?

If you’re still learning to ski or board (although advanced skiers have the same problem), you’ll need to know how to select equipment according to your specific needs and level of knowledge.

It’s in the interests of the salesperson to sell you whatever they have, whatever the weather, but is that the best choice for you? Unsuitable equipment will certainly hinder your progress, and will often lead to injury.

Being totally impartial and without undue influence from anybody, I’ll uncover a trick that’s of crucial importance when you’re buying ski equipment and clothing. Some gear is good, while other gear is completely worthless. Some is deliberately marketed to confuse the buyer.

Depending on your level of expertise, I’ll guide you precisely to the last detail when it comes to the best equipment for you. You’ll even make savings, because you’ll learn how to get the right gear while spending less – and in so doing you’ll have more money with which to do more skiing.

Children skierFor example, if you’re buying skiing clothes for a child for the first time, most sales people will advise you to buy a one-piece suit. Any ski instructor will tell you that this kind of suit is totally inappropriate for children – because for one thing it’s harder for them to go to the toilet, and it’s also harder for them to make themselves comfortable and dry-off between skiing. This aside, I’ll reveal many other specific examples of how parents can make mistakes when it comes to how they handle their children.

You’ll find out about this on page 163.

Experienced skiers will discover many specific tricks that they’ll need in order to keep their skis well-maintained and in tip-top condition – in addition to what you need to do to get your skis to perform each day on the slope as though they’ve just been given a full service.

Not only will you save yourself a fortune on servicing your skis and boards, you’ll also be able to service your expensive skis and boards better than any professional repairer could.

I’ll also reveal one special secret through which you’ll be able to save over 70% on wax (page 218).

Are you an advanced or top-level skier who likes to ski off-piste?

I’m not exaggerating. If you’re an experienced skier or snowboarder, probably the greatest thrill you can get while skiing is to ski in fresh snow off-piste – something popularly referred to as “freeride” or "backcountry".

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy going off-piste to freeride once in a while when they get the opportunity. Because of the sheer thrill, many of my friends compare freeriding with that of flying, such is the freedom afforded by fresh snowfall.

Did you know that several hundred people are killed each year in avalanches?

For comparison, more than 35 people are killed every year in France alone (as many as 57 were killed in the 2005/06 season), with 25 fatalities in the U.S.A., Austria and Switzerland respectively, and around 22 in both Canada and Italy, etc. In New Zealand, at least two people are killed each year.

Avalanches can occur on any ski slope. Usually experienced professionals aren’t killed by them - only the regular skiers who don’t know how to recognise the warning signs or use their freeride equipment properly.

This is 1000 vertical meters big avalanche which buried one friend of mine.


Experts claim that as much as 90% of fatalities arising from avalanches could be avoided through correct use of equipment and adequate training.

I’ll reveal the tricks that you’ll need in order to identify potential dangers (page 265). You’ll find out what works, and what doesn’t – since these things are a case of life or death, and there’s no time to experiment. You’ll also discover what to do if you’re caught in an avalanche, and how to save a friend when his (or her) life depends on you.

If you’re an advanced skier, and you enjoy skiing off-piste, and through sheer ignorance or lack of experience you cause an avalanche that becomes life-threatening or even kills someone, there’s no way to avoid jail. Your insurance can even be rendered invalid in some instances, and this book will explain why.

Why should I reveal such important methods and tips that will deflect business away from professional trainers, and generate competition?

I’m aware that many instructors will initially hate me for offering all this information in one convenient resource, for which they’ve had to work hard and accumulate their experience gradually over time (as I have).

Those high-profile trainers and ski demonstrators can teach you how to ski superbly, but as I mentioned, I’ll be teaching you more than that. You’ll also gain knowledge to which they can’t aspire, or which they wouldn’t want to teach you even if they knew it themselves.

I have personally found myself in life-threatening circumstances on several occasions, simply through ignorance and not knowing what to do, or how to do it.

I also have friends who’ve injured themselves while skiing (some have even been paralysed), and in each case these injuries could’ve easily been prevented. Some could even have reduced the risk by simply using the right gear in the first place. I almost lost my friends several times myself due to skiing on account of some of their simple errors. Because of these painful experiences, and the caution that they’ve instilled in me, I want to help as many as possible to ski better, stronger and more safely.

So what’s the catch?

Of course, there’s always a catch. You can only know these secrets if you meet my criteria, as listed below:

  1. 1.Please understand that I’m not a linguist or a novelist, and this is no bedtime reading. I’m a man of experience who has spent most of his life skiing and boarding, and having accumulated information that’s relevant to ordinary people, I’m writing in their simple language. I’ve thrown out complicated and overly technical expressions, because the overall thrust of the book needs to be easily understood by all (of course, a proof-reader has edited the book so that it’s easier to read).
  2. 2.Please understand that I’m no genius. All I’ve done is make my rich experience available, and on many occasions complemented this with the advice of experts from various fields. I’ve tied up all of the important and clever information acquired from various publications into one meaningful resource, which is a must-have for any skier. I’ve also received great support from experts in many areas. All statistics, instructions, tips and guidelines quoted in the book are tested and generally accepted. This is not a “get rich quick” book, or a book that promises to make you a better skier than Bode Miller, or to make you lose 10 kilos in two weeks, etc. This is simply a book that provides verified and scientifically proven methods that are almost impossible to gain access to otherwise, but that are crucial for any skier or boarder to be aware of.
  3. 3.It’s assumed that you know the difference between skiing and boarding, and that you’re familiar with the usual skiing language.
  4. 4.After reading this book, please recommend it to your friends if you find it useful. Particularly do so if you’re already an expert in a certain area, because this will contribute to the book’s further progress.

Here are a few comments by those who’ve read “The truth about skiing and snowboarding”:



“Hi Danko, I bought your book because it was recommended to me by the fitness instructor, although I’m not a skier myself. I’ve finally realised where I was going wrong, and after only three weeks since you sent me the book I’ve progressed more than in the previous six months! I’m ashamed to recall all the mistakes I was making. Now I’m stronger than ever, and I’m buying ski equipment so that I can start to ski again this year “

Richard Challen, USA

“I especially liked the advice towards the end where you portrayed snow sports as an art form, and as a completely new world, which with better discipline will guide us to an enhanced appreciation of humankind and our planet. I’m inspired by your personal view on the future, and your belief that this world can become a better place through our efforts.”

Marijana Stricak, CRO

“Mindlessly throwing yourself into winter sports can be very dangerous. Skiing beyond the pistes brings a considerable number of dangers with which most skiers are unfamiliar. I myself have mindlessly plunged into such a situation from which I managed to extricate myself only through sheer luck, and I didn’t know the potential dangers to which I was exposed. That’s why I think that every remotely serious skier and boarder should add such an instructive, practical and life-changing book to their library so that they can enjoy the slopes with more common sense, respect and awareness.”

Ray Ambid, AUS

“Thank you for the great book! I’m only half way through the book now (catching my breath) and I don’t know how to say it - I now look at skiing in such a different way. A huge thank you, I’ll be in touch once I’ve read it to the end!”

Barry Smith, NZL

Don’t envy the top skiers – become one of them

The book is rightly called “The Truth about skiing and snowboarding” because it reveals concepts that are so devilishly efficient and practical.

As an extremely successful and experienced instructor, I can tell you that you’d need to be crazy to go skiing without first reading this book. If you don't seize this opportunity, you might regret it for the rest of your life. As you know, snow is very unpredictable, and accidents will always happen. However, with these instructions, the chances of an accident occurring will be drastically reduced – as will the consequences of any potential accident. This has been proven, not just by me, but also in studies.

The truth about skiing and snowboarding

This knowledge, which in some cases may prove to be life saving, is priceless. Every few days throughout winter, we hear reports of how certain skiers have crashed and lost their lives, or a boy has ended up in a coma after banging his head on the ice while skiing, or how a careless skier has been buried alive by an avalanche not far from the designated ski track, etc etc.

My goal is to reduce the number of these kinds of news reports. All of the studies show that with adequate training, it is possible.

Ski with the skill of a top instructor for less than the price of a one-day ski pass

To hire a sports instructor who will help you to formulate a quality and detailed training regime, it will cost you in the region of at least 400 USD. You’d pay a similar amount for a nutritionist to organise a personalised diet, and it would be pointless to hire one without the other.

In this book, you essentially get both – namely, detailed instructions and step-by-step guides on how to exercise and eat.

Furthermore, the book explains why each individual exercise session and dietary feature is important. Just knowing this will improve your motivation. I’ll also reveal a unique secret on how to become self-motivated and not give up. The health you’ll enjoy as a result will be priceless.

Many of my associates who assisted me while writing this book have told me how crazy I am for giving away so much useful information at such a low price. Maybe they’re right, but I have a higher motive in mind, because I want this book to be widely available so that it can help everybody (and not just the elite).

I’ll therefore offer you the entire downloadable package for a total price that’s much less than a one-day ski pass. You need only pay 67 USD, and if you order now, and you’re among the first 500 buyers, you’ll receive an additional discount, taking the total price of the book down to only $ 44 USD.

As a special bonus, you’ll also receive a password with which you’ll be able to download all updated editions in digital format FREE, FOR LIFE!

There’s one more reason why this book is special. It’s always current and up-to-date, and it includes cutting-edge skiing technologies and innovations. That’s why it would be useful to have access to all future editions of this book!


The first 500 buyers who order “The Truth About Skiing and Snowboarding“ will each receive, completely free of charge:


100% Guarantee - money back

Also, if for any reason you aren’t satisfied
with “The Truth About Skiing and
Snowboarding” there is an un-conditional
money back Guarantee.

No ifs, ands, or buts

We're so confident that you will not only enjoy this book but benefit
from it beyond what you paid, that we offer a 100% unconditional
sixty days
(60 days) guarantee.

This means that if for any reason (or even without reason) you’re not completely
satisfied with the book, you have a full 60 days from receiving the it to return
it and get a complete refund.

No questions asked.

You can even keep any bonuses (apart from the password) free of charge,
as a token of my gratitude!

My personal guarantee

The skiing season has already begun… take matters into your own hands.

Take matters into your own hands. After only a few weeks you’ll be able to ski and board as never before. You’ll know how to apply the secrets of the most high-profile sports instructors and professional skiers, and be safe from injuries and dangers that are lurking round every corner of every ski slope.

To all your future skiing seasons;
yours Professor Danko Puskaric


P.S. In only a few weeks you’ll reach such a physical condition that you’ll ski with no problems all day long, and dominate the pistes. Apart from this achieving such energy, I’ll teach you the only natural way to lose weight quickly. At the end of the day, why go skiing if you’ll be on your knees in pain after only a few runs?

P.P.S. Try out my book, and if you don’t believe you’ll progress to being a top skier, you have a full six months in which to return it to me and get a full refund (without any need to give an excuse!). That way you’re not risking a single cent, and you’re probably missing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity if you don’t order now. This is the only way to buy this book, and you won’t find it in any bookshops.

P.P.P.S. Using the information obtained from this limited edition of “The Truth About Skiing and Snowboarding”, you’ll have within arms reach everything that top instructors have only after spending their entire lives skiing. Don’t hesitate, because snow sports are perfect, and they need to be approached with intelligence in order to get the most enjoyment out of them.


The truth about skiing and snowboarding ebook Yes, I want to order The Truth About Skiing and Snowboarding at a price of 67 44 USD.

Yes! I would like to get the download link immediately and start uncovering all secrets that will make me a better skier and snowboarder. I want to dominate on the slopes, I want to know how to protect my friends and family and I want to save some money.

I order risk-free because “The Truth About Skiing and Snowboarding” comes with a 100% guarantee and if for any reason I’m not thrilled with it in the next 6 months I will receive a refund instantly!

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