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Skiing tips about how to choose the right equipment and instructor

Skiing tipsSkiing is a very specific sport in many ways and here we will provide you some important skiing tips. It requires unique equipment and much effort in learning and exercise. One of the important skiing tips is that you can’t learn to ski in a few days. It certainly doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy during these first training. If you want to learn how to ski properly, first you must be aware of your physical strength and endurance. If you have skied before, you have to reveal the level of your skiing experience, so you could join the right ski training group in order to make a progress.

Most of the skiers, even the professionals do not know how to implement information or skiing tips they read through numerous articles and books.

Before you get to the top of a ski slope, you must be aware of your skiing skills, abilities, physical shape, endurance and the ski style you want to learn.


First, you must choose a ski style. There are two basic types of skiing-Nordic and Alpine skiing. Nordic skiing is characterized by free-heal bindings which means that the toes are attached to the ski, and heals of the boots are free. There are three types of Nordic skiing: cross-country, ski jumping and Telemark. Alpine skiing competition categories are: Slalom, Giant Slalom (GS), Super-G (Super Giant Slalom) and Downhill. There is also Freestyle skiing, where skiers perform different aerial tricks.

Basic skiing tips about equipment

Basic ski equipment is skis, poles, bindings, boots, helmets, goggles, and clothing. What kind of ski equipment you should choose depends on a ski style that suits you most. You can also browse this site for the best ski trips in Colorado.

Skiing tips on how to ski

Falling and getting up skiing tips

It might be ironical, but one of the most important skiing tips is how to learn to fall and get up with your skies on. When you feel you’re going to fall, try to fall uphill. It would be easier if you land on the boots. Then, you must get up, and that is not the easiest part, but if you try several times, it would not be so difficult any more. Put your feet downhill from you and get them the closest to your butt as you can. Then, push yourself up onto your feet and try to straighten up with or without your poles. Repeat this unless you manage to fall and get up easily.

Learn to ski fall

Falling on the ski

Turning and stopping skiing tips

If you want to turn, transfer your weight on the outside foot. If you need to turn on the left, the weight should be on the right ski and reverse.

When you put your skis more parallel, you are going faster. If you want to stop or slow down and you are not going to fast, just spread the back (the tail) of the skis, and you will get the snow plow position.

If you are a beginner, an advanced or a professional skier, you should search for more skiing tips about more serious preparations for skiing and snowboarding. You should learn about the food you should consume, the types of training, safety, injuries and the first aid, skiing equipment you should buy and (if you are extremely passionate skier) about freeriding.

Some skiing tips about the adequate literature

With The Truth about Skiing and Snowboarding, we can teach everything that you do not know or instructor does not want to tell you and all that is necessary for safe skiing.

Remember this: It is not possible to learn how to ski by reading books advice, or skiing tips. It is only possible with the right instructor and practicing in the snow. You must know what to expect from these snow activities and from your instructor, so get informed on time with our proven and well experienced skiing system! We can really give you great ski tips that can easy and fasten your progress in this lovely sport!

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