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Ski tricks and tips for safe and exciting landing

Ski tricksEven the least experienced skier daydreams about doing even a basic ski tricks. It gives a new dimension to the skier’s life and refines the skiing pleasure. We are going to show you how some of the elemental ski tricks can be done.

Performing ski tricks is very dangerous. You can easily get harmed or fracture your bones if you are not informed about exercises you should do before you go into action!

Basic tricks for beginners

These are some basic ski tricks for beginners, but if you are not experienced in skiing at all, do not do them!

For the first time, you should learn kickturns. Stand still, across the slope. Then put your downhill leg with the ski normal to the ground. Then swing it down on the ground about 100 degrees comparing to the other ski. Then pick up the other leg, and put it parallel to the downhill ski. You turned about 100-180 degrees on a steep slope safely! You are now facing the opposite side of the slope and you are at the same place without sliding down!

Ski tips and tricks for advanced skiers – skiing across the moguls

Ski slope - moguls


One of the most popular ski tricks for advanced skiers is skiing across the bumps, also called moguls. When you become a good parallel skier, you are ready to do this!

First, before you let your body feel the excitement of speed, study the mogul terrain from the top of the hill. Plan your route, and then go. If you are doing this for the first time, use your pole to examine the height of the mogul you are about to cross, and turn around the bump. The next thing to do is to make a turn on the top of the mogul. Get on the top of the bump, and then make a turn. It is much more exciting, isn’t it? When you overcome this, try to make turns in the troughs of the moguls.

Ski tricks for professional skiers – ski jumps

The greatest ski tricks are based on ski jumping. It is very impressive watching these acrobatic ski tricks. Imagine the feeling of doing jumping ski tricks!

First, you must overcome the classic ski jump. First, do numerous small jumps, until you feel safe doing them. Then, you can try with the bigger jumps. Go and find some fine moguls and jump from them while skiing. Jumping is much easier if you have short skis! The personal injury lawyers in Texas can help in case one suffers from any injury.

When you are close enough to the bump, with adequate speed, fold your legs in your knees and push your body a little forward. When you are just about to jump, unfold your legs for a second and get them back. When you land, make sure that the tips of your skis get to the ground first, and then amortize taking the hit with your body. After you repeat this large number of times, try to do some variations while flying!

skiing trick

Eagle ski jump

When you feel comfortable enough in the air, try to execute the eagle or the helicopter ski tricks. If you are about to do eagle, jump, spread your legs so one leg can be pulled about 45 degrees in front of the other and keep your hands widespread aside the body. The helicopter is one of the most difficult ski tricks. When you get in the air, try to turn around in 360 degrees! While twisting in the air, try to put your skis parallel.

Ski tricks are extremely dangerous actions if you are not physically prepared enough. Our skiing tips and tricks system can give you all the information you need to prepare yourself and avoid accidents and injuries. If you are about to practice ski tricks, remember that you also must know how to treat injuries and give first aid!

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