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Ski lessonsThe most dangerous to themselves and to other skiers are the ones who ride down the slopes unprepared and unaware of accidents they might get into. Those usually are the ones who haven’t attended any ski school and haven’t got any ski lessons. If you want to ski properly, and avoid hurting people around you, or yourselves, you must go through adequate ski lesson depending on your skiing skills.

Take me, for example. I have been skiing since I was five years old. I went to different ski schools each year. The first few years I attended beginners ski lessons, and I was one of the best skiers in my group. I was pretty lucky. I had excellent instructors who paid attention to all of us equally. One year, I finally took advanced ski lessons. I was so thrilled and full of enthusiasm. On the very first day, the trainer took us on a very steep slope, totally unprepared in every way. It was my fault that I went skiing physically unprepared, but the trainer didn’t give us adequate warming up and stretching exercises. The instructor didn’t even explain us how to use that ski lift that I saw for the first time in my life. I simply didn’t know how to use it!  Those ski lessons were fantastic!

Can you imagine what could have happened on that day? First, I fell from a ski lift so badly that I sprained my neck. I was lucky. I could have broken my neck! My instructor said to me that it was nothing serious, and I continued skiing because it didn’t hurt much and since it was still warm. I could barely climb the slope because it was so steep. I fell a couple of times and sprained my ankle and thumb! That definitely was the end of my skiing season! When I went to the hotel, I started to feel a lot of pain. It was awful! So be very careful, and ask around about the instructor before you pay for ski lessons!

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I want to tell you that when you are about to take ski lessons, YOU must estimate your skiing abilities. Most of them don’t even care which group of skiers you belong to and what you want to learn from that ski lesson.

My favorite ski lessons were with an instructor who had a PhD in sports. That man was a genius for skiing! He took us everywhere and gave a lot of attention to every one of us. We skied down the slopes in a deep snow, ice, steep and flat slopes. He also estimated which ski discipline suited us. For example, I was the best on the steep icy slopes while my good friend was better doing parallel skiing on flat slopes. Every one of us from the group had our own discipline. Those ski lessons were fantastic!

After these ski lessons, I was encouraged to try new skiing disciplines. I am certainly going to try backcountry skiing, mountaineering, heli skiing, and other types of freeriding, but only if I find the proper instructor and adequate ski lessons!

Ski lessons do not include only the things you learn on the snow with your instructor and your group. Ski lessons consider training before you climb up to the top of the slope. You definitely can’t learn to ski from a book! But, the book contains some information that your instructor certainly won’t tell you or that he just doesn’t know. You won’t learn from your ski lessons how to escape from extremely dangerous situations like avalanches.

The instructor will neither tell you what the best avalanche equipment is, nor how to get ski insurance, nor to how to recognize dangerous terrains, nor how to pick the right terrain covered with fresh powder, nor where to go freeriding. But, our skiing system definitely will! Try it, and you will be pleasantly surprised. Everything will be easier from the view of a person who has trained for years and knows a lot about accidents and how to protect himself. And remember: always take appropriate ski lessons.  If you do not take care of yourself, no one will!

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