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Ski clothes choice for full and safe skiing experience

Ski clothesChoosing the right ski clothes is a very important moment in a skier’s lifetime. Very few people know how to pick the best ski clothes, but not in a fashion way, of course, neither is it a costume party where you should wear a funny onesie (more at Just because some clothes for skiing is more expensive, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better, so when buying your gear it’s good to know exactly what you need and what ski equipment will best compliment your level of experience. There are so many accessories and nice ski wear on sale that you’ll never really need or that may even hinder your progress, even though they may seem visually appealing, and you find yourself attracted towards buying them. We can help you choose the proper ski clothes. You will find some instructions in this chapter on how to choose right ski clothes and how to be properly dressed for the snow.

How to dress properly for skiing (skiing clothes)

Layered ski clothes

Three-layered system of clothing

During skiing, we could often be exposed to extreme coldness. It certainly does not mean that you should put on yourself everything you have in the closet! To avoid freezing and hypothermia it is recommended to wear layered ski clothes that can maintain the heat that our body produces. It is also important not to preheat yourselves during skiing because you can get cold, influenza or even pneumonia. The weather in the mountain can change fast, so layered clothing is definitely the best choice. The three-layered ski clothing system can keep you warm, and also when the sun comes out again you can easily take off one layer of clothing.

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Basic layer – underwear

Thermal underwear for skiingThe first layer of ski clothes has to keep your skin dry and reduce sweating during this physical activity. The greatest number of skiers wears cotton vests, shirts and under-pants that collect all sweat and wetness that body dispossess. This kind of ski clothes will stick to your skin and make your entire body heavier and uncomfortable. This condition during skiing could cause catching a cold. Instead of cotton wear, please and make yourself comfortable with buying some of the thermal variety made especially for skiers. As the new technology in ski clothing has being developed, the new materials like polyester and polypropylene showed to be perfect for ski clothes. These materials absorb a small percentage of moisture, and provide full dryness.

Insulating Layer

The mid layer is important for additional insulation. This part of ski clothes does a very important thing-disable the heat exchange between the body and environment. They are stretchable and smooth, so it is very easy to move and balance with this kind of ski clothes. The thickness of the insulating layer is very significant item!

 Outer layer

The last and final layer in the layer system of ski clothes is the outer layer, which is only in contact with your environment. This would be a ski jacket and ski pants, which are usually more expensive, but still form a crucial component of your ski clothing. The role of a rain jacket is to protect you from wind and external moisture, such as snow and rain, while allowing you to release any excess body moisture in the form of sweat. . In addition, the outer layer will need to provide you considerable protection against external forces, such as falls, cuts and scrapes. On our web page, you can also find instructions on how to pick the right ski jacket and pants.

Now you possess information about the skiing dressing manner, but why do you need these particular ski clothes, and which jacket, pants or shirt do you exactly need? The answers are exhaustively described in The Truth about Skiing book. You can also find which exactly  shirt and jacket to wear on colder and which during warmer days. That is a very important fact-to choose right ski clothes in the particular weather conditions!

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