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It’s estimated that there are currently close to 300 million people around the world who are involved in some way with winter sports, and many of them has been involved in some kind of ski accident. There are more than 200 million skiers, and the remainders are boarders who are mostly of a younger age group. Skiing accident (such as falls, collisions, accidents due to car injuries,  on the ski lifts, etc.) is regular occurrence at ski resorts all over the world, and considering your legal rights in an injury claim like this should come off as no shame. Skiing safety has increased in recent years in comparison with the previous century – and it increases each year, aided by the development of modern ski equipment, as well as by increased awareness on the part of skiers. You can read more here as to what needs to be done in case of an accident.

Ski accident rescue

Ski accident & Rescue mission

Carving skis, modern release bindings and a greater choice of quality safety gear such as helmets and back protectors have all served to drastically reduce the risk of injury for the user. Another reason for the increase in safety is a growing concern on the part of ski resorts for the correct allocation of ski slopes, with clearer safety barriers and closer supervision from the ski resort employees. Multiple claims for damages from injured visitors have contributed to these concerns. In case you need a lawyer check out this site.

Men comprise the most endangered group regarding fatalities (85%). The highest risk age group stretches from the late teens to the late thirties (as many as 70% of those mortally injured are in this age group). This group is known for its high-risk behavioral patterns, and is generally made up of above-average skiers and snowboarders who like to ride at high speeds, thereby depriving them of control.

What to do in the event of a ski accident

Every skier will come across a situation where he will be called upon to help another injured skier or snowboarder at least once in his career or will be caught in a personal ski accident. Skiing accidents could be very stressful as stated by Law Office of Glenn C. McGovern, and it’s extremely important that you know what to do and in which order to do it because someone’s life may depend solely on you. In any kind of a ski accident, under no circumstances should you panic or react uncontrollably. The ATX personal injury law firm can help with legal issues in case any.

The first and the most important step in any ski accident is to secure the scene of the accident so as to prevent an even more dangerous situation. If the victim is lying on an open area of a ski slope, such as below a turning point or sharp bend, it’s very likely that other skiers could collide with the injured person, as well as anybody trying to help them. Even if a person have just fallen in a bad position and lies down, you should yell loudly in order to give a signal to the other skiers to avoid crashing into the lying skier.

Further steps of proper acting in a ski accident are described in our skiing system (or read more here in a legal point of view). You can also learn how to give CPR, check pulse and how to render the first aid. I hope that you will never need that knowledge, but you MUST be prepared.

Some useful tips about ski safety:

So as to be a more confident skier, and reduce the chances of ski injury, get into adequate physical condition and arrive prepared at your skiing break.

Don’t borrow skiing equipment from your friends, because this increases the risk of a ski accident by as much as 800%.

The chances of being injured on a snowboard are double those of being injured on skis.

A helmet can reduce the risk of sustaining a head injury by as much as 29 to 56%.

Always carry a first aid kit while skiing

Before each ski season, read the chapter about ski accidents of the book so as to memorize which injuries commonly occur whilst skiing, and how to render first aid.

One more ski accident tip…

In our book you can find some more rules about how to act in a ski accident. You can also find how to avoid ski accident and how to help yourself and people experiencing a ski accident. Read the article about uninsured motorist accidents and ways of getting the coverage even if you are uninsured.

It is very serious – ski accidents could happen to everyone, any time. You must be prepared for ski accident physically and psychologically as well!

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