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Learn to ski – important tips and information

Learn how to skiIf you want to learn to ski properly, you have to find suitable ski school. First, you have to find out how to choose the right instructor that will give you all the information you need. The most important thing you have to learn before you learn to ski is how to prepare yourselves in several ways. Imagine the wonderful moments with your family, imagine how you are skiing together, and sliding down the fabulous ski slopes, near the pine trees covered with snow… Trust me those are indescribable magical moments, everyone must have at least once in their lives. You must feel the fresh air, easy cold wind, sparkly snowflakes falling in front of your nose, and you are skiing for the first time. The first time you ride down the slope by yourself is much better than the first kiss (sometimes)! So, don’t waste the precious time of your life, read this article to learn more! Read more »

Ski vacations for best skiing holidays in your life

Ski vacationRemember all best ski vacations in your life. Story goes something like this; You have just woken up in your room at the ski resort. You look out the window and you have plenty to see. The snow was falling all the night and fresh powder covered ski slopes and you can’t wait to get on the snow. And the fresh smell of pine resin spreads through the mountain. The sun is shining; it is not even cold too much! Put on your ski clothes; grab your skis and boards, pick up your friends and go riding down the fluffy snowed terrains. Read more »

Scotland ski across fabulous slopes and fresh powder

Ski ScotlandThe season on Scottish ski areas begins early in December. The virgin corn powder falls all January, February and March. Easter holidays are also amazing and indescribable in Scotland ski resorts! Scotland skiing depends on weather conditions. The weather in Scotland is extremely changeable. In one minute there is snow falling, and in the next minute snow clouds are blown far away and the wind is very strong. Read more »

Ski school for first steps on the snow

Private ski lessonEven if you think that you know how to ski, or that you are a great skier and that you do not need ski school, trust me, you never know enough, unless you are a professional ski instructor. Before you go alone exploring new ski moments and experience, make sure you have passed the proper ski school, with adequate instructor. Becoming an independent and confident skier is a long journey! Read more »

Ski patrol and how to join them

Ski patrolDuring skiing a large number of people often get injured and that is when ski patrol act. Some of injured skiers are usually not physically prepared well enough, the other are just a part of an accident caused by some strong forces of nature, like avalanches.

Some people are passionate freerider skiers that ski backcountry on a dangerous terrain, such as glaciers, rocks, and forests. Weather conditions that can change in a blink of an eye are also a great enemy of freeriders. Ski patrol is an organization that rescues people captured in a deep snow, people that fell of the cliffs, or some other injured people, not only in a backcountry, but also on regular slopes. Read more »

Ski mountaineering guide, tips and tricks

Passionate and true ski mountaineers go climbing over the rocks, ice, or broken glaciers, fresh, virgin powder snow, and multi – peak ascents with adequate ski mountaineering equipment. In ski mountaineering, skiers climb slopes and ascents on their skis or by their boots.

Ski mountaineering

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Heli skiing in heaven for passionate powder lovers

HeliskiingOnly truly passionate skiers with no fear and great respect to the Nature experience this heavenly heli skiing in the powder, between the trees in the woods, smooth corn snow! As you might notice, it is a very dangerous terrain, with extreme steep slopes, possible avalanche appearances, thin and breakable wind crusts…

Type of the heli skiing terrain depends on weather conditions, wind, the sun and the time of the year. It is recommended to go on an early winter – to search for recrystallized, granular “sugar” snow which makes heli skiing much easier. Imagine flossy powdered snow that sprays all around you. That is just one of the great things that heli skiing can give you. Read more »

Ski insurance – get it on time and feel free to create magic in the snow

Skiing insuranceBefore going on any skiing trip, you need to familiarize yourself intimately with your country’s health care system and how to get ski insurance. Accidents can happen to absolutely anyone and such accidents require personal injury attorneys from  Being stretchered off to hospital can be very expensive (not to mention the medical treatment costs once you’re there), depending on the severity of your injury, since injuries can happen from different situations and accidents, if this happen to you, you may want to get the proper legal support which you can find at In the event that you require a costly operation, in certain countries they won’t operate on you if you aren’t insured nor have insufficient funds. Some injuries involve hospitalization for several days at a time, or further operations and rehabilitation in order to recover completely. If you aren’t lucky enough to live in a country with free healthcare, be sure to check whether you have valid health insurance which will also be your ski insurance. You can get an insurance quote if you don’t already have insurance.  Read more »

Ski accident useful tips

It’s estimated that there are currently close to 300 million people around the world who are involved in some way with winter sports, and many of them has been involved in some kind of ski accident. There are more than 200 million skiers, and the remainders are boarders who are mostly of a younger age group. Skiing accident (such as falls, collisions, accidents due to car injuries,  on the ski lifts, etc.) is regular occurrence at ski resorts all over the world, and considering your legal rights in an injury claim like this should come off as no shame. Skiing safety has increased in recent years in comparison with the previous century – and it increases each year, aided by the development of modern ski equipment, as well as by increased awareness on the part of skiers. You can read more here as to what needs to be done in case of an accident.

Ski accident rescue

Ski accident & Rescue mission

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Skier’s thumb – a very frequent injury

Broken skier's thumbA thumb injury (popularly known as skier’s thumb) is the sixth most common injury to befall skiers, and accounts for around 5% of all ski injuries, Check CBD here to reduce tha pain. It’s also the most common injury in the upper extremities among skiers. Skier’s thumb is also known to affect snowboarders, when they awkwardly fall on their thumbs – although this is far less frequently the case. Skier’s thumb is sustained when the ski pole handle remains in the palm while falling against the hand, thereby exerting a force on the wrist, which leads to the stretching and damaging of the thumb. It’s actually a consequence of the thumb moving away from the palm while excessively stretching. The injury sometimes occurs when a skier thrusts his pole into the snow, but is unable to pull it out, and while moving forward this motion results in a thumb injury. Read more »

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