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Heli skiing in heaven for passionate powder lovers

HeliskiingOnly truly passionate skiers with no fear and great respect to the Nature experience this heavenly heli skiing in the powder, between the trees in the woods, smooth corn snow! As you might notice, it is a very dangerous terrain, with extreme steep slopes, possible avalanche appearances, thin and breakable wind crusts…

Type of the heli skiing terrain depends on weather conditions, wind, the sun and the time of the year. It is recommended to go on an early winter – to search for recrystallized, granular “sugar” snow which makes heli skiing much easier. Imagine flossy powdered snow that sprays all around you. That is just one of the great things that heli skiing can give you.

Helicopter skiing originates in Canada, and very fast becomes popular in the central USA, Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, Indian Himalayas, Nepal, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Argentina, Chile, Switzerland, Russia, and New Zealand. Heli skiing is nowadays very popular and expensive sporting. The type of a terrain depends on a country. For example, you cannot heli ski between the trees in the forest in Alaska. There are no such a terrains there. But, the best powder snow is at the in – country mountain slopes.

The only way you could get on a terrain like this is by a helicopter. In Canada, heli skiers experience helicopter as a ski lift. Sometimes, while the weather is nice, you can get 5 to 12 runs in Canada.

Heli ski

Helicopter skiing in Europe

Every heli skier’s group should have their professional guide and an assistant. Heli ski group waits for the helicopter on wide-open terrain if it is possible (but hardly in Alps). That is why European pilots must be especially experienced for this activity. Hardly, there are wide-open areas for landing in Alps. Then, a guide or an instructor puts skis and poles into exterior basket. Helicopter doesn’t land and doesn’t touch the ground. First, the guide drops skis and poles and then the guide jumps off the helicopter and the rest of the skiers. The passengers move away from the helicopter until it flies away. Usually, the guide, or a trainer go first to check the snow for possible upcoming avalanche. Then, the rest of the heli skiers go after them, if it is safe.

Heli skiing equipment

For heli skiing are often used freeride, “all-mountain” or off-piste skis, which are lighter than the others and easy to take off. You should also have helmet, goggles, ski gloves and neck warmer. The top anti theft backpack is also necessary part of heliski equipment.

Heli skiing safety equipment

On a heli skiing you must not go without avalanche safety equipment in any circumstances. Bring your avalanche beacon, probe, and shovel. Some other stuff you must bring with you are described in our skiing system.

For heli skiing you must be prepared in all ways – physically, well equipped and very well informed about possible events or accidents. So if you want to be in great physical condition, you can do exercises according to our book. If you want to know all about injuries, accidents and avalanches that might happen during heli skiing, you can also find it in our skiing system. So, before you let the snow spray and sparkle around you and before you let yourself to the greatest enjoyments of powder snow, be prepared to avoid the accident and to help your partners in trouble.

Getting of the helicopter could also be dangerous part of heli skiing experience, so you must also learn how to get on the snow safe. Remember that the weather conditions could be your friend sometimes, but more often you greatest enemy on the terrains like this. So, inform how to act in certain weather conditions and only then go on helicopter skiing.

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