The Truth About Skiing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is “The Truth about Skiing” for beginners or for advanced skiers?

A: The system called “The Truth about Skiing” is for everyone who is already skiing or just planning to start. Regardless of whether you are a ski expert or just a beginner, you will definitely learn how to apply a lot of new and useful things. Each chapter is marked with a star, while one star represents the essential information for beginners, two stars represents the information essential for advanced skiers, and three stars represents the information for the most professional skiers.


Q: What is “The Truth about Skiing”?

A: That is a system of useful skiing secrets written in language understandable for everyone and put into book format. The system consists of the following chapters:
– The skier’s diet, with specific instructions and menu,
– Condition preparation for skiing with detailed instructions and exercises that you can perform at home or at the gym,
– A descriptions of specific ski injuries with instructions on how to protect yourself from them and how to provide first aid,
– Safety instructions with tips for parents,
– Ski equipment with the essential advice for buying gear and clothes, and detailed instructions for maintenance (servicing) of skis,
– Backcountry skiing outside of ski area boundaries with a description of freeride equipment, all types of hazards and avalanches.
This is just a small overview of the major chapters. Without all this knowledge, it is folly to go skiing, but unfortunately only a few people even know about all this. That is why so many skiing accidents occur.


Q: What makes you different from other ski literature?

A: This is the only system (the book) where you can get in one place all the information that is essential for every skier. Other books are either very specialized for particular areas (and therefore unintelligible) or they are books that want you to learn how to ski. Learning to ski is not possible without snow and an instructor, so in our book we do not talk about it.


Q: Your presentation looks awesome! After ordering, when will I get the book, and when can I start using these techniques?

A: The book will be available for download immediately after payment. Inside are tips and techniques designed to help as many people as possible. Once you start reading, you will love the pictures and step-by-step instructions that will help you understand all the techniques that you can immediately begin to use.


Q: Do you offer a guarantee?

A: Sure. If you buy our ski system, you have a full 180 day guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied or we did not meet your expectations, return the book and receive a full refund.


Q: What will happen in several years when the book becomes outdated?

A: It will not happen because our team of experts is working on a regular basis to keep the system up-to-date. Once you buy a book, you have free updates of book in a digital edition for life.


Q: Can I join your team and assist in the development of this project?

A: It is advisable to join us if you are an expert in one of these sections: a top skier or a ski coach, a doctor or physical therapist, fitness trainer, an expert on avalanches, ski equipment repairman, or a nutritionist.

You can help in two ways: write technical articles that we publish on this blog or assist in the development of the book, i.e. the system called “The Truth about Skiing”. If you’re willing to participate, please contact us.


Q: I’m really interested in your e-book, but I was a bit unsure of using my credit card online. How safe is that in reality?

A: That is an understandable concern. However, online ordering is one of the most popular shopping methods nowadays. In fact, ordering online with a credit card is now considered much safer and secure than traditional forms of payment like ordering over the phone, etc. Our merchant account uses SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect your credit card information from being stolen by someone.

We do not have access to your credit card information. Also, Paypal and Clickbank are the most popular and frequently used online credit card processing companies in the world for downloadable products. In conclusion, your transaction with us is secure.


Q: What exactly is an e-book or digital book, and how can I download it after payment?

A: An eBook or digital book is an electronic version of a book, which you can download and save to your own computer. Instead of going to the bookstore or waiting for the mail to deliver you a package with a hard copy book, e-books can be downloaded immediately after payment.

After payment you will be redirected to a page where you first need to enter your email where you will automatically receive a password to open the book. That email will contain a link where you can download an e-book and all its editions in the future. After downloading and storing book on the local computer, you will need Adobe PDF reader, a program which is already installed on most computers, to open the book.


Q: I paid for the e-book and have entered my e-mail address, but I haven’t got an e-mail with a password and a link to download the book?

A: Sometimes the system takes several minutes to deliver your e-mail message. If after 5 minutes you still didn’t get the e-mail, check your SPAM folder. If the e-mail message is not there either, you’ve probably entered the wrong e-mail address! In this case please contact our customer service and in the shortest possible time (24-72 h) we will respond.

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