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ski-clothesIt’s a well known fact that if you don’t prepare properly for your ski trip, you’re highly likely going to get caught out somewhere; and on top of the mountain is the one place you really don’t want to find that you’ve forgotten something or that your brilliant bargain ski jacket isn’t up to the job. When you’re hurling yourself off mountains in a somewhat graceful fashion being equipped with the right gear is essential and something that you don’t want to scrimp on in both quality and value. Similarly you don’t have to be exclusive in what you buy and can often find some great deals on ski and snowboard clothing just by casting aside the idea that when you ski, you need to wear just ski clothing.

If you plan on traveling and snowboarding this winter, then you are going to need a good snowboard bag. A good snowboard roller bag will fit your snowboard, binding, and boots. If you are lucky, you may be able to pack your helmet in there as well. The leading brands in the snowboard market understand that these days, their customers want versatility and style rather than what used to be the old school typical snowboarders look and so their gear is now much more accessible to all kinds of snow sports enthusiasts, since there are many different gear you can get for this, you can also go online to find a skiing goggles brand which are great for this sport. Skiers are also more accepting of snowboard gear these days thanks to a generous cut and often providing more by way of movement and flexibility. However, where skiers have often turned their noses up at snowboard clothing is the design which is sometimes considered just a bit too vibrant and in your face. But it doesn’t always have to be that way – some of the best ski clothes were never originally made for users of more than one bit of hardware.

Ski and Snowboard pants are essential ski clothes thanks to one thing – bailing. As a beginner you can expect to find yourself on your behind quite a lot; even seasoned experts can’t avoid the odd face plant into the powder every now and then. But while this is one of the main areas where Snowboard and Ski Clothing have noticeable technical differences between them, arguably, they don’t make much of a difference in your performance on the slopes or the enjoyment you get out of it. You certainly get more with Snowboard Pants as they pack more padding into sensitive areas like the rear and around the knees and while there’s still padding in Ski Pants, these are increased when you move into boarding territory. As a result they are roomier and less fitted which in the past may have left skiers worrying about insulation, but thanks to advances in layer systems and fabrics used it’s no longer an issue.

Ski Jackets and Snowboard Jackets also have minor differences that make little impact on your skiing abilities; in fact, many skiers opt for a snowboard jacket thanks to their additional features that make a day on the mountains a bit more comfortable. Snowboard jackets make a great alternative to ski clothes as with being longer and rounder at the back, they provide that little bit extra protection and warmth. Brands like Quiksilver, Oakley, Billabong and Volcom to name a few also take quality to the next level with features such as critically taped seams, vented panels and breathable fabrics among others.

Accessories such as gloves and beanies are a matter of preference and truth be told, the differences are hardly noticeable if even recognisable at all. Ski Clothes from the leading snow brands make sure that their gear is accessible and available for everyone so just by being a bit more open minded about the brands you buy and the styles you wear on the slopes, you can make huge savings and gain a lot more in the process.

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