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Image courtesy of www.bcpassport.comThe Guardian may rank skiing as the world’s most dangerous sport, but winter sports have always had that extra appeal to adventure seekers. There is some truth in that statement, however, with the help of winter sports apps by fellow skiers and snowboarders, skiing can be an exciting and safe activity for all. Remember that staying healthy and training your body is another way to be safe, I recommend testoprime to get the most out of your training and your favorite sport.

With the endless white snow ahead, everything on the slopes tend to look the same, which is why it’s crucial for skiers and snowboarders to have the right kind of equipments from this site. Wi-Fi nor cell service is necessary to access the maps on your phone, as long as you download the maps before heading to the slopes. 3D mapping and GPS tracking are also available but only through the paid app (iTrailMap 3D).

However, if you’re only looking for GPS tracking, you might as well download Ski Tracks. It’s been highly regarded as the most popular ski tracking application on the iPhone and has also been voted as SnowVole’s {Best Winter Sports App} of 2013. All of your accomplishments can be recorded with Ski Tracks, including your steepest slope, maximum and average speeds and much more. Be wary of your battery though, as the app may use up a lot of it quickly. In order to maximize your battery power, Pocket Fruity‘s Digital Marketing Manager Kim Shadbolt an expert in gaming and apps, suggests that all unused apps should be closed while you are out on the slopes so that you can preserve as much battery life for Ski Tracks. There’s also the option to carry around a power bank, but that just means that’s one more item to carry around with you.

Taking on winter sports is not easy, which is why in addition to the iTrailMap, you need the MammutSaftey Map. Sometimes it’s hard to be the judge of your own ability, as some people overestimate or underrate their skills. Mammut Safety Map helps you make accurate judgment calls with its clinometer (a tool to measure slope elevation), a compass for slope exposition, and an alitmeter for altitude. There is also a risk assessment and SOS function, which communicates your location with GPS to local rescue services.

There are a number of other apps that are great for snowboarders and skiers, but these are arguably the most important ones to have, not to mention they also don’t cost a cent.

Skiing is my passion, but I must confess that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has always been of interest to me, especially since I came across the information on this page BJJ Gi.

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