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Top 5 Skiing Jackets

Skiing JacketsSnowfall has started to make an appearance in some of the world’s leading resorts and with holidays planned and trips eagerly awaited, those of us that spend our time hurtling down the hills on two long planks are pretty excited as you’d expect. But while most are holding off a trip overseas for a few weeks or months yet, there’s no better time to search for that essential jacket that’s going to keep you warm while you wait, while you’re carving powder and long into the snow season.  Read more »

Expie – Ski Clothes

ski-clothesIt’s a well known fact that if you don’t prepare properly for your ski trip, you’re highly likely going to get caught out somewhere; and on top of the mountain is the one place you really don’t want to find that you’ve forgotten something or that your brilliant bargain ski jacket isn’t up to the job. When you’re hurling yourself off mountains in a somewhat graceful fashion being equipped with the right gear is essential and something that you don’t want to scrimp on in both quality and value. Similarly you don’t have to be exclusive in what you buy and can often find some great deals on ski and snowboard clothing just by casting aside the idea that when you ski, you need to wear just ski clothing. Read more »

Snow Fusion – Ski Goggles

skiing_gogglesBudget vs The Best Ski Goggles

If there’s one bit of kit that can really make a difference to the enjoyment that you get out of your ski trip, it’s a set of ski goggles. Probably the smallest item of ski gear that you’ll be carrying with you, your ski goggles are quite literally the barrier between you and what you see on the mountain so understandably you want to make sure that you’ve got a good pair with you.

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How to ski for beginners and soon became an independent skier

How to skiHow to ski is not an easy and fast-learning process, but it is also not nuclear science! Great will and a good instructor are all you need for the first time on the snow with your buddies-the skis.

Ninety percent of people who have never skied, on a question – whether they prefer to go to the sea or skiing respond to – the sea. In the first moment, it is not surprising at all, considering that we all love easy clothes, sun, smell of the sea and seaside vegetation, nice small sea towns, lovely restaurants and adorable sea food. But everyone, including myself, who has ever skied before on the same question responds gladly – skiing. Only the skiers know why… So, if you are about to go skiing for the first time in your life, you are not only going to learn how to ski, you will also have some miraculous secrets revealed…
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Ski tricks and tips for safe and exciting landing

Ski tricksEven the least experienced skier daydreams about doing even a basic ski tricks. It gives a new dimension to the skier’s life and refines the skiing pleasure. We are going to show you how some of the elemental ski tricks can be done.

Performing ski tricks is very dangerous. You can easily get harmed or fracture your bones if you are not informed about exercises you should do before you go into action! Read more »

Ski lessons online

Ski lessonsThe most dangerous to themselves and to other skiers are the ones who ride down the slopes unprepared and unaware of accidents they might get into. Those usually are the ones who haven’t attended any ski school and haven’t got any ski lessons. If you want to ski properly, and avoid hurting people around you, or yourselves, you must go through adequate ski lesson depending on your skiing skills. Read more »

Corporate ski weekends – the trip planner’s check list

Planning a corporate ski trip can be a daunting process – not only are there very many variables to factor in such as costs and snow conditions, there are also large numbers of people to keep happy on the slopes, in the resort and on the transfer bus. More often than not it is one person who has their head on the block and very often this person has been delegated the task of getting everything planned and executed – not an easy task. Read more »

Ski helmets – how to choose the right one

If you are going to ski or snowboard, read about protecting equipment, such as ski helmets. It’s an interesting fact that about 90% of skiers and snowboarders that suffer a serious head injury are either advanced or intermediate. These injuries are usually inflicted at high speeds on intermediate slopes (or red slopes). Wearing a ski helmet is a recognized and proven way to reduce the risk of a head injury, or to reduce the severity of an injury in the event of an impact. The fact is that head injuries don’t occur frequently, but anything that will reduce the risk of an injury can’t be dismissed. Read more »

Ski club benefits

Ski club benefitsIf you seem to be a member of a ski club, you can get different types of information on where to ski, which equipment to get, how to avoid dangerous terrains. Listening to more proficient and skilled people you can learn from their invaluable experiences. It is a way easier to ski or snowboard with the people that have already run slopes and know the terrain. You can learn things that no one ski school can give you.

People are connecting to study, travel, and ski together. In the evening, after a long skiing day, they usually gather. There are many different ski clubs in every country. Read more »

Learn to ski – important tips and information

Learn how to skiIf you want to learn to ski properly, you have to find suitable ski school. First, you have to find out how to choose the right instructor that will give you all the information you need. The most important thing you have to learn before you learn to ski is how to prepare yourselves in several ways. Imagine the wonderful moments with your family, imagine how you are skiing together, and sliding down the fabulous ski slopes, near the pine trees covered with snow… Trust me those are indescribable magical moments, everyone must have at least once in their lives. You must feel the fresh air, easy cold wind, sparkly snowflakes falling in front of your nose, and you are skiing for the first time. The first time you ride down the slope by yourself is much better than the first kiss (sometimes)! So, don’t waste the precious time of your life, read this article to learn more! Read more »

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